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Traveling to Poland

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Traveling to Poland

Arriving at the Warsaw airport

When you are at the airport, there might be people offering you taxi, money exchange, hotel and other services. Ignore them. They’re not dangerous, but they might rip you off with their inflated rates. Instead, call your hotel and ask them to send you a car. You may also go to tourist information and ask to get a tele-taxi. There is an abundance of tele-taxi services in Poland and they’re reliable and an inexpensive venture. They advertise in every Polish newspaper, showing their rates and easy to remember phone numbers. All you need is to call and tell a dispatcher where you are. Unlike in New York or London, never pick up a taxi from the street or a taxi that does not look like it belongs to tele-taxi service. Always call tele-taxi service, tell them where you are, and wait for the taxi. It will arrive in minutes. Remember that legitimate taxis will have the name and telephone number of the taxi company on the side of the door and on the top of the taxi (beside the occupied/unoccupied light). Taxis with a crest but no company name are not officially registered taxis.

Taking taxi to the hotel

These are some of the tele-taxis services operating in Warsaw, in alphabetical order. If you use your own telephone, dial “+48” at the beginning instead of “0”:
  • Bayer Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 96
  • City Taxi, ph. 0 22 94 59
  • Damel Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 26
  • Ele Taxi, ph. 0 22 811 11 11
  • Euro Lux Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 62
  • Express Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 63
  • Extra Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 83
  • Gold Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 88
  • Grosik Taxi, ph. 0 22 646 46 46
  • Halo Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 23
  • Korpo Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 24
  • Merc Taxi, ph. 0 22 677 77 77
  • MPT Taxi, ph. 0 22 91 91
  • Nowa Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 87
  • OK! Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 28
  • Partner Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 69
  • Plus Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 21
  • Sawa Taxi, ph. 0 22 644 44 44
  • Super Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 22
  • Tele Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 27
  • Top Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 64
  • Volfra Radio Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 25
  • Wawa Taxi, ph. 0 22 96 44

Telephone in Poland

Ask your operator if you can use your phone in Poland. Add international roaming to your package if needed. You can also buy a pre-paid cell phone when you arrive. There is a number of operators in Poland (including Orange) with shops at every corner.

Traveling by train in Poland

Always take express train (ekspres) or fast train (pospieszny). Do not take a local train. Just like in any other country, beware of pickpockets, thieves, and bands of children who can steal your wallet- especially when entering and leaving the train. Do not take the night train, but if you do, do not sleep during the trip. See also Polish Railway’s Train Schedule.

Traveling by car in Poland

Traveling by car in Poland is not recommended due to hazardous styles of driving in Poland, however if you really want to, there are many rent-a-car services available in Poland. You will easily find them at the airport or ask concierge at your hotel.

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