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Background Check Policy

This page explains PolishDate.com's policy towards background checks and respective laws.

IMBRA Exemption
Because (1) PolishDate.com is a dating website whose principal business is to provide dating services between Polish singles, mainly from Poland, UK and other European countries, and (2) PolishDate.com charges the same rates to all individual it serves regardless of the gender, country of citizenship, or residence of the individual, PolishDate.com is exempt from requirements of United States' International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (Section 3/ (4) / (B) - Exceptions - so called "Match.com" exemption).

Background Checks
PolishDate.com does not require background checks from its member in order to join the website or to use any of our services. By joining our service, members acknowledge that they understand the risk involved in communicating (or meeting, as a result of this communication) with a stranger. Please read our Terms of Use/ User Agreement for full disclosure.

List of background check services
Although PolishDate.com does not endorse any background check services, it encourages members to do their own research and use such service(s) if needed. Please note however that laws in many countries require you to get a written consent from a person whose background you would like to check.
Here is a list background check and online reputation services that we have compiled through online research:
Honestly Online

If you own a background check service and would like to be listed here, please send us an email at info (at) PolishDate (dot) com.

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