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Dating Polish Women

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Dating Polish Women

Ten things you should know before asking Polish woman for a date

1. Polish Women don't like to ask for a date

Polish women like if you ask them for a date. No, they're not shy, they just like it this way. According to a survey conducted in Poland among Polish singles, only 3 percent of Polish women prefer to ask man for a date, while the remaining 97 percent like it traditional way.

2. Attractivness mattters

How attractive you are is important to Polish woman. If you're not attractive physically, you may compensate by being attratctive socially and financially, but there are limits to this - Polish woman will no easily compromise when it comes to your physique. So go to the gym, jog and do your yoga. You never know when you may want to impress a Polish beauty.

3. Sense of humor

You need to have a sense of humor if you're serious about dating Polish woman. She will test you on a first date and if sense of humor is not one of your qualities, your second date is a big question mark. But don't despair, you may still impress, just be yourself.

4. You need to have personality

Have strong opinions and be able to defend them. That's how you can make Polish woman fall in love with you.

5. Good manners

Being a gentleman is a must. Kissing her hand when you meet and when you say goodbye, open the door to let her in, help her get seated in a restaurant or cafe, all that matters when it comes to dating Polish women.

6. Where to go on a first date

For a first date you should ask Polish woman to cafe or restaurant, to the movies, or for a nice walk.

7. Who pays for a date with Polish woman

You should offfer to pay, but if she object and wants to split the bill, don't insist.

8. What you should avoid on a first date with Polish woman

It may suprise you, especially if you're American, but talking about work most likely won't get you a second date, unless you do something really fascinating. Don't talk about your ex wife. And don't drink too much.

9. What to talk about on a first date with Polish woman

Life in general, but be natural, don't be a smart ass

10. What next

Polish woman expects a man you to ask for a second date. She may not do it, even if she likes you. So do it. Be self confident and decisive. If she agrees, fine, if she doesn't, act as if you don't care, give her your phone number and say 'call me if you change your mind'.

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