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A woman in Polish culture

Polish woman in Polish language, culture and national awareness

Woman must have played a special role in Polish culture since there are at least 33 variations of the word kobieta (woman) in Polish language. They include substitutes, diminutives or augmentative forms of the original words. Aren’t Polish Women lucky? Just have a look:

kobieta - a woman.

kobietka - a small girl pretending to be a woman;

kobicina/ kobiecina - poor, usually old woman.

kobicinka/ kobiecinka - similar to the above.

kobitka - nice and smart petite woman.

kobita - a woman in peasant or work-class urban slang.

baba - a funny or derogatory for "woman"; usually about older, powerful or mean woman.

goła baba - a naked woman; used when describing nude scene in the movies.

głupia baba - a stupid woman; do not use to your girlfriend!

niegłupia baba - literally "not a stupid woman"; used by men to imply admiration.

babka - nice, friendly mature woman; comes from "baba" but has positive meaning.

fajna babka - a fine, and sometimes sex, girl.

babeczka - nice, sexy and mature woman.

zgrabna babeczka - a good looking "babeczka".

niczego sobie babeczka - sexy woman.

baba do niczego - a looser type of a woman.

babcia - grandma or an older woman.

babka - means the same as babcia.

babunia - a sweet way for saying "babcia".

babina - a nice old woman evoking sympathy, implying compassion.

babulina - similar to babina.

babuleńka- similar to babina.
Note: These "diminutive" form endings imply "little", "tiny", or "cute".

babsko - unacceptably rough and impolite about unpleasant, sometimes overweight woman.

babsztyl – same as “babsko” above

stare babsko - old and ugly or unpleasant woman.

lalunia, laleczka - sexually attractive young women (from "lalka" - doll)

kociak - same as above (literally - little kitten)

niezła sztuka - sexy woman

towar - same as above

ślicznotka - pretty little one

The word pani means both "Mrs." as a title, and "Ma'am" or "Madam" as a direct address, and it substitutes the personal pronoun "you" when speaking to a woman in polite conversation. The word panna means "miss". In English it is polite to address any young woman of unknown marital status as "miss". It is not common in Poland though, so, just use pani or her first name - but only if you're been introduced.

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