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Polish girls are brought up in traditional culture and taught to love to parents and respect their elders with all their Polish hearts. Traditional family is still very much important in Poland and Polish girls are taught to value family above everything. From an early age, girls in Poland are are taught to care not only for their immediate family, but also for their distant relatives as well. Girls are taught to respect their siblings as well as their elders. The girls are supposed to dress well and take care of themselves, be quite, calm and well mannered. Because the divorce rate in Poland in lower than in the West, the girls are brought up in houses were family values are still alive. Girls in Poland quickly learn how to be mature (although not in a sexual way - when it comes to sex they are encouraged to remain sexually abstinent for as long as possible). They also learn how to be efficient in running the household early on in their life. Later in their lives this will apply this practical knowledge they gained at their own home in their own lives once they got married and start their own family.

Cooking and family recipes

Girls in Poland, Early on in their lives, are taught to cook, knit, sew, clean and mend clothes. This is because girls are expected to help their mothers with the housework. Since many women in Poland work outside of home, young girls are often expected to help their Polish mothers and even take over their housework such as cooking, grocery shopping, washing dishes, and doing the laundry. Girls in Poland are a big helpers when it comes to large family events and gatherings, like birthday parties, weddings and wedding anniversaries, when there are a lot of dishes to be cleaned. Girls are also encouraged to learn family recipes so they can can pass on the tradition of excellent dishes to the next generation, after they start their own families.

Polish girl and tradition

As mentioned earlier, Polish girls are brought up in great respect for their culture and tradition and no doubt it is in their home when it all begins. And, no surprisingly, it is their parents and grandparents that inject a sense of patriotism and loyalty to their country, into intelligent and smart little brains of those young Polish girls. Thus, it comes of no surprise, that girls in Poland are taught traditional Polish songs that tell the history of Poland. At some stage, usually when girls are 7, school takes over the educational function of teaching Polish girls their culture and tradition. Schools in Poland are obliged to display Polish national emblems and flag. Polish traditions are especially respected during two major religious holidays, that is Easter and Christmas. During Easter, young Polish females help prepare the food basket (boiled egg, kielbasa and salt), whereas before and during Christmas they work hard on getting the holidays meals ready fro Christmas Eve, while listening and singing Polish carols.

Religious principles

Similarly to culture and tradition, religious principles are also instilled into young Polish ladies early on in their lives. Most Poles are Catholic. Thus, the upbringing of Polish girls is based on the principles of Catholicism. Young Polish girls are expected to attend Mass on every Sunday. First communion prepares Polish girls to adult life while teaching religious rules. Due to religious upbringing, Polish teens usually wait before they start their sexual life until they find the right person to love and get married to. But of course they date. Many of them will start dating in high school and college and end up marrying their high school or college sweethearts. This might be because Polish girls are not as liberated and modern western women and they take their commitments very seriously.

So called "Hot Polish Girl"

Girls in Poland go to coeducational schools when they get the same education as boys. And they are disciplined students. Quiet and well mannered. Their education is comprehensive and deep. They study art, science, foreign languages, and they practice sports. In addition to curriculum, Polish girls participate in extracurricular activities, like school basketball team, singing, choir, or playing in school band or orchestra. After graduating, Polish girls go to colleges and universities. They excel in education, nursing, medicine, and engineering. Polish girls enjoy music, dance, sports movies. They belong to clubs and are often encouraged to play musical instrument at school or enroll in ballet classes. Finally, Polish girls are known for their beauty, grace and femininity and they often win Miss World Championships.

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