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Polish Date is a dynamically developing on-line dating website and fast growing community of Polish singles from around the globe. With 40 million Polish people living in Poland and 20 million abroad, Polish singles deserve an on-line dating service that will meet the the highest standards of the international on-line dating industry. Launched in Dec, 2009, Polish Date works hard not only to meet those standards, but to exceed them and even to create its own wherever it makes sense and benefits the members. Polish Date is achieving this through its dedication to innovation, quality and outstanding user experience.
Polish Date also attracts singles from North America, Europe, Australia and other places around the world.


We strongly believe in our slogan - You Live, You Love©. After all, if you really think about it, what else is more important than loving someone and being loved? Than sharing life and building family with that special someone?
Money, career, investment, consumption - the whole "Wall Street" part of your life, is no doubt important. But in order to be happy and fulfilled, you also need to build a "Love Street" part of your life. And you can do this only if you actively look for love and, once you find it, nurture and protect it.
PolishDate.com's mission is simple - we help singles build the "Love Street" part of their lives, by making it possible to find the kind of relationship that they’re looking for. And because we work hard and we listen to our members, we are growing fast.


Unlike many established dating website, Polish Date does not promise to have a magic formula that will make two people fall in love. It does not trivialize nor does it mystify the process of establishing romantic relationship either - be it a date, long term relationship (LTR) or marriage. Instead, PolishDate.com listens to its members, constantly evaluates and challenges its assumptions, and evolves according to what it learns. This way its members are able to find here exactly what they are looking for.
To make your search for Polish match easier, PolishDate.com has launched in Polish and English language versions with more language version coming in the future if requested by members.
It will help you tremendously if you write a few words about yourself and add recent photo. Please read more about possible strategies on our Polish Dating website.


Polish Dating, or Polish On-line Dating, is just like dating in any other country or other culture in the Western Hemisphere. There are some local difference and subtleties though; please check articles about Polish Dating written by our members and enthusiasts; they're informative and well written.
In general just remember this - be honest, be yourself, be proactive and always a gentleman (gentlewoman) - you'll do fine.

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