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Why I Love Polish Women

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Why I love Polish Women and why men from around the world are so attracted to them

If you’re here, then you probably know that Polish Women are very beautiful. In fact, for many Westerners (myself included), they’re THE MOST beautiful women on earth. But did you know that Polish women and Polish girls are also funny, intelligent and full of compassion?

When a Polish woman becomes a wife, she will be a great, experimenting lover (having sex with you almost every night), and a good mother and housewife during the day. Imagine being awakened in the morning by the smell of bigos – or another fantastic Polish dish, prepared by your long-legged-slender-sexy-body-beauty standing next to your bed, smiling at you and saying “good morning baby, I’ve got something special for you”. Well, Polish woman simply loves her husband and she’s a very devoted mother.

Polish woman is educated, ambitious and industrious. She seeks professional fulfillment and usually achieves it without sacrificing her priorities - family and household. And because Polish woman is gentle, even if she makes more money than you, she'll never disrespect you and might even let you think that you’re still the breadwinner. Oh, these wonderful Central European habits...

But you won’t ever be prouder of your Polish wife, then when going out with her. In addition to just being natural and feminine, Polish woman has just got this ability to know what to wear, how to wear and when to wear it. Without spending much on clothes and cosmetics, she will always be the most attractive woman at your boss' party. She just got this charm, this... something. Your friends will green with envy, but your boss will like you and so will your female colleague – even those who used to ignore you.

Without wasting days in a gym, Polish woman will have great body and young look until an old age. Obesity? Premature aging? When you live with woman from Poland, chances are you might forget what these words mean.

Polish woman looks amazed at how Western women compete with their men. Polish woman has never had to. In Polish culture, she's always been on pedestal, worshiped and adored. She had equally important, but different roles. Although under-represented in politics, she's been partner at home and in business, and a leader in education and culture.

Feminism never really made it in Poland. It just couldn't find the fertile ground - it was not needed. And although Polish woman changes together with ever-changing world, her ability to be "equal yet different", her acceptance of her own feminine side, as opposed to wide-spread rejection of it in US and Western Europe, her acceptance of her weaknesses and conscious, intelligent nurturing of her strengths, makes Polish woman so distinctively unique in today's world. And so "womanly", so feminine, so attractive, so charming...so desirable.

Is Polish woman the only one left who can make a man really happy? For the rest of his life? Probably not, but there aren’t many left, so … hurry! She might not be there in 10 or 5 years.

Sent by: Hans K. | Hannover, Germany

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