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How it works

Sign up and search

PolishDate.com is fun and easy. Just sign up and follow instructions. Once you sign up, search profiles according to your own criteria and contact the ones you feel you might have chemistry with. There are many tactics you can apply to get in touch with the person you are attracted to:

Send wink, then message

Send a wink first and if you got a wink back, you know that the person likes you. So, write a message! Do not hesitate for a second! This tactic works both for men and women. It works for men, because they usually judge women on their look and wink first (or wink back) if they like what they see.
If you are a man and you receive a wink from a lovely woman, don not just wink back, but follow up with a quick message. If you limit your response to just winking back, you may look cheap and shy – and that is not what you want.
In addition, women are interested in your brain and your position, so no wonder they want to know what you have got to tell them. Thus, make sure what you write makes sense and be concise, polite and make compliments. But do not worry too much - she already likes you, remember?

Write message right away

This tactic works well for men because women want to know if the guy has a brain and when he does, they gladly respond.
This tactic also works well for women, because contrary to the stereotype, men like direct and assertive women.

Just wait for wink or message

We do not recommend this tactic to anybody, but if you are very shy or very lazy, or if you look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, then why not? But at least respond to a received message. Being inactive is bad, being unresponsive would be stupid.

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