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Polish Women - some statistics

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Polish Women vs. Other Women from the area

Comparison of Polish and Other Eastern European Women

I have traveled extensively to both Poland and former Soviet Union countries. Based on my observation and some research, I can conclude that despite some language similarities, Polish women are mentally and culturally very different from their Russian, Ukrainian or Belorussian counterparts. My intention is to explain what are the differences between Polish and ex Soviet Union women to Western male audience. My intention is NOT to judge or offend anybody.

1. Style and Appearance

Polish Women have usually European style with modern and balanced make up. They can take care of themselves even better than other European women. The same can be said about Russian, Estonian and Lithuanian Women

Ukrainian women are beautiful but they often apply heavy make up and wear mini-skirts for almost every occasion (it’s called Devushka style ). I personally don't like the style.


The AIDS rate in Poland of 19.5 per 1 million is closed to that of Iceland (17.2) 14 times lower than in Ukraine (288.3), 13 times lower than in Russia (275.1) and 25 times lower than in Estonia. In fact there is an uncontrolled pandemic of AIDS in FSU (Former Soviet Union) countries.
The AIDS rate in Poland is also 6 times lower than in US and 7 times lower than in UK (122.1 per 1 million).
The AIDS prevention methods in Poland focus on “be faithful to your partner” principle, and are advocated not only by church, but also by many other organizations and activist groups, even hostile to church.
Source: http://www.avert.org/eurosum.htm , 2005-2006

3. Culture

Central European, Latin based culture of Poland makes it a familiar place even for first time visitors. First democracy in modern times Europe since about 500 years ago. Chopin, Copernicus, Szymanowski, Rubinstein, Polanski – Poles contributed enormously to the science and culture of the world.
Russia is more impenetrable and more difficult to understand. Still, Russia’s contribution to music, literature and science is just mind-blowing - too many names to even mention here.
Ukrainian culture, in my opinion, seems to be less sophisticated then the one of Poland or Russia. Ukraine appears to be in the process of nation building.

4. Religion

Polish women are mostly Roman Catholic. Russian and Ukrainian women are predominantly Christian Orthodox.

5. Divorce rate

Divorce Rate for selected countries. Per 1,000 population per year:
Belarus        4.3
Russia        4.1
United States    4.0
Ukraine        3.82
Czech Republic    2.9
United Kingdom    2.6
Egypt            1.17
Poland        1.1

Source: Divorcemag.com 2002.

6. Travel

Individual travel to Poland is relatively cheap and safe – just like to any other EU country. No visa is needed for citizens of Western countries. Krakow and Warsaw are popular tourist destinations.
Individual travel to Russia is more expensive and caution is needed. Obtaining visa is required.
Individual travel to Ukraine in not advised.

7. Internet and Telephone

In Ukraine many singles don’t have access to the Internet. Please see the statistics.
Internet Users as % of Population (Internet Penetration). December 2007.
United States    71.4%
United Kingdom    66.4%
Poland        36.6%        
Russia        20.8%
Ukraine        12.0%

Source: internetworldstats.com

Again, my intention is solely to explain what are the differences between Polish, Russian and Ukrainian women to Western male audience. My intention was NOT to judge or offend anybody.

Sent by Goran | Malmo, Sweden

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