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Polish Woman can make you happy!

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Polish Woman can make you happy!

If you do it right, you will be the happiest man alive. Imagine this: your house is warm, clean and full of love. It smells good with great fresh dishes prepared for dinner every day. Your wife is smart, sexy and looks wonderful. Kids are nurtured and adored. You are so proud of her and proud of your life. What else would you want in your life?

Think divorce for instance, and its devastating effect on children. Although it can obviously happen with Polish wife (especially if you screw it up), the very concept of divorce is not part of Polish woman's traditional upbringing. In fact the divorce rate in Poland is 5 times lower than in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries.
Traditionally, Polish girl is taught that when she grows up she would marry a man for the rest of her life. Just like her mother did. When things go bad, she will try to work it out first. Personally I think a guy must really screw things up to be left by Polish wife.

All l these sound great, but what does she want in return? Money? Luxuries? Polish Woman of course appreciates material goods and would love to see you succeed in whatever you do, but she knows that the best things in life have nothing to do with money and success.
What Polish woman wants is to feel that when she is the greatest love in your life and she will want to see it in your eyes every day.
Polish woman will want you to worship her, adore her and respect her. She will want you to be a good father.
Your Polish wife will want you to respect her culture and family.
She will want flowers, even without "occasion". Or maybe especially without any occasion...
Your Polish love will want you to be spontaneous, at least from time to time – to be taken out for dinner, theater, music concert, gallery etc.
Just use your imagination rather than pocket and your reward will be the most precious and desirable of all rewards... fulfilled desire with long lasting love and passion.

Sent by Agnieszka | Krakow, Poland

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